Journey's Jonathan Cain on his conflicts with band mate Neal Schon: “We've reset”

Journey; Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain on far right (Travis Shinn)Last year, Journey‘s Neal Schon became embroiled in a feud with band mate Jonathan Cain over what Schon said was Cain bringing his conservative political and religious views into the group’s business. With Journey now on a major U.S. co-headlining tour with Def Leppard, Cain tells ABC Radio that he and Schon have put aside their differences for the good of the band and its fans.

“We’ve reset,” the keyboardist maintains. “We realized that…it’s a 38-year relationship, there’s bumps in the road with every relationship, and nobody’s right, nobody’s wrong. Everybody has their feelings. I respect his, he respects mine. But the music’s bigger than all this stuff.”

Journey fans were alerted to the conflict when Schon aired out his grievances in a series of social media posts. Cain says the spat “upset the fans,” while noting that he stayed away from responding publicly to Schon at the time.

“I didn’t want to fuel any of it,” Jonathan explains. “I just took it, as an opinion, and I respect his opinion.”

He adds, “I hope the fans know that…we’re fine. We’re gonna be fine.”

Meanwhile, Cain says in his recently published memoir, Don’t Stop Believin’, he gives a clearer — and more positive — picture of his relationship with Schon.

“In this book, I showed the victories. I showed two brothers that brought a band back from the dead [following Steve Perry‘s departure,] and that persevered through it,” Jonathan insists. “That’s who Neal and I are, and who the band Journey is.”

Cain also says that, after writing his memoir, he’s now inspired to start creating some new Journey music with Schon.

“We’ll take our time and get it right,” he notes.

Journey’s tour with Def Leppard continues Tuesday with a show in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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