One on One: How Daryl Hall gives fans the club experience on Hall & Oates' arena tour

Mick Rock/Wolfson EntertainmentAfter a two-week break, Daryl Hall & John Oates resume their tour with Train tonight in Montreal.  If you’re planning to check out the tour, you’ll see Daryl putting his experience as a club owner to good use.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer owns his own venue — Daryl’s House in Pawling, NY — and he says that’s helped him make this arena tour feel much more intimate.

“I love clubs, I think the clubs are the greatest environment for music because there is no fourth wall,” he tells ABC Radio. “You go to my club, the stage and the floor the same thing, just about, and it’s designed that way — I gave it a lot of thought.  And [so]…I try to make…the arena be like a big version of that.”

So even though Hall & Oates are playing to venues of 20,000 fans or more, Daryl says it doesn’t feel that way.

“When you come to a show of mine, you’re gonna feel like you’re in the show, not that you’re just observing the show,” he insists. “It’s the way I set up the screens, the lights, the way I see the audience —  because I can see the audience. I’m not just blinded by spotlights, looking in the darkness.”

He adds, “I can actually see people, so I can respond to people, and they can respond to me, and it becomes like a big club. I love doing that. I love being able to control a situation that big and make it as intimate as possible.”

The show features an opening set from Train, then a longer set from Hall & Oates. The duo also bring Train’s Pat Monahan back onstage for a few tunes, including their joint single “Philly Forget Me Not.” 

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