Who's Buying Now: Journey's Neal Schon launches new music label and merchandise website

Courtesy of Strax TechnologiesJourney guitarist Neal Schon has launched a new music label called Neal Schon Music Inc., as well as a new website, NealSchonCollection.com, where fans can purchase his recordings, as well as a variety of merchandise.

Through the label, Schon is making available various previously released solo and collaborative projects, and he will soon be putting out a series of new collaborations.

NealSchonCollection.com currently is selling the Schon solo efforts Vortex, The Calling and So U, as well as his side project Soul Sirkus‘ 2004 self-titled album. Also available at the website is one of Neal’s hand-painted PRS guitars, which is priced at $39,000.

In addition, the site is offering select merchandise featuring the logo of Schon’s new Journey spinoff group Journey Through Time, including t-shirts, a hoodie, a tote bag, a poster and mobile phone cases.

“We have put heart and soul into crafting what will evolve as a fusion of music, art, fashion, and a cool place on the web for fans and musicians alike,” says Schon in a statement. “We are just getting started and there is much more to come.”

Schon is planning to regularly add new music, fashion, art and collectible merch to the website, launched in partnership with Strax Technologies Inc., and also is planning to explore new media avenues, including augmented reality.

“I’ve been working with these guys for a long time and bringing together the physical world with the digital is creating a whole new form of musical and artistic expression,” says Neal. “[T]he commerce site we are launching…is a component of a bigger picture.”

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